Kapaa Property

Why You Need a Vacation Rental Manager for Your Kapaa Property

Maybe you are just now making the decision to purchase an investment property for vacation rental purposes, or maybe you already have a place but are starting to feel overwhelmed at all that needs to be done to keep up with it. Employing a vacation rental manager should be at the forefront of your mind! In the vacation rental market of today, it is tough to stay competitive if you don’t offer top notch service and pay attention to even the smallest of details; that is just one of the many reasons you NEED a vacation rental manager for your Kapaa property. Keep reading for more!

Preparing Your Kapaa Property for Rental

There’s a lot that goes into preparing a property for rental—from choosing sturdy furnishings that are stylish as well to picking the right paint colors to making sure the landscaping doesn’t overwhelm the property, if you make a wrong decision, chances are potential tenants are going to look elsewhere. Rental managers have the experience and skill necessary to make your property a desired one.

Marketing and Photography

How much should you charge? Where should you advertise? What kind of pictures should be on the website? All of these questions should be easily answered and dealt with by a good rental manager. If they seem unsure, or you just aren’t getting the renters you think you should, perhaps it’s time to start looking elsewhere!

Upkeep, Housekeeping, and Maintenance

Now that your Kapaa property is clean and stylish, you know it’s NOT going to stay that way. Unless you keep it in a plastic bubble and never rent it out, it will get dirty, things will break, and the lawn or pool will need to be maintained. Rental managers have the contacts necessary to handle all these issues; their entire job is to make your life easier!

Middle of the Night Emergencies

We’re going to guess that you probably don’t live near your own investment property, but even if you do, are you sure you want to deal with leaky water heaters and broken air conditioners at 2AM? When you hire a vacation rental manager, they will be there for the big things and the little things that can go wrong, no matter what time of day, allowing you the sleep you deserve!

Choose Princeville Vacation Rentals for Your Rental Property Management Needs

Our mission is to make you money and keep you happy, and we’ve been doing it for years; why would you want to look anywhere else? Let us help you become a successful investor. Give us a call today and we can discuss the details of your Kapaa property!